Master Class: Orff-Afrique (EDUX 9345)

(DATE TO BE CONFIRMED: July 5-16, 2021)

A Master Class with Immersive, Hands-On Experience in Orff-Schulwerk, African Indigenous Music Education, Children’s Games, Dance, Drum, Xylophone & Vocal/Choral Music in Ghana

Instructors: Dr. Kofi Gbolonyo, Prosper Gbolonyo, Aaron Bebe Sukura, Doug Goodkin, Sofía López-Ibor, James Harding, Herlin Riley, and other guest teachers

The music of West Africa birthed an unparalleled musical explosion in the African Diaspora—blues, gospel, jazz, rock, pop, hip-hop, reggae, calypso, samba, salsa and more can all be traced back to the vibrant musical cultures still alive and growing in West Africa. Children in music classes throughout the world delight in playing, singing and dancing “African” music, but teachers are often woefully unprepared to do the music justice, presenting a watered-down version with no knowledge of the cultural context. This course offers a rare opportunity to learn and experience the music in its natural setting. 

Participants will learn songs, games, dances, xylophone and percussion music from Ghana’s diverse cultures, as well as touch on other African and African-inspired styles. Alongside the hands-on learning will be lectures, concerts, discussion groups, field trips, observation of and work with students in local schools including Nunya Music Academy and outside of schools in the traditional village environment. In an optional third week, participants are invited to remain for touristic activities in Ghana. 

The outstanding Faculty will be led by Dr. Kofi Gbolonyo, a remarkable teacher schooled in traditional ways in his home village of Dzodze, Ghana, while also trained in both Orff Schulwerk and Western university methods. He will be assisted by his brother Prosper Gbolonyo, Aaron Bebe Sukura (xylophone) and other Ghanaian teachers, along with three internationally renowned Orff teachers Doug Goodkin, Sofia Lopez-Ibor and James Harding. We are especially thrilled to announce that world-class New Orleans drummer Herlin Riley will be joining us, connecting the New Orleans roots of jazz with its yet older roots in West Africa. This is a once-in-a-lifetime don’t miss opportunity!!


FOR PROGRAM DETAILS Including Housing and details of the Optional Third Week of Touristic ventures please See the Nunya Academy Orff-Afrique Page HERE

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For further information, please contact

Kofi Gbolonyo, Course Director

Ashley Benusa, coordinator of communication



Orff Schulwerk: Orff-Afrique EDUX 9345

Dates (TO BE CONFIRMED): July 5-16, 2021

Times: 6:30am-9:30pm 

Cost: $1195.00 (no credit); $1415.00 (4 continuing education credits) Housing not included in price. Please refer to Nunya Registration information page for more details.

Location: Nunya Academy & White Dove Hotel, Dzodze, Ghana