THE JAZZ COURSE IN NEW ORLEANS: The Orff Approach to Teaching Jazz to All Ages

With Doug Goodkin & Guest Teachers
June 26-July 2, 2021 at the University of New Orleans, New Orleans, LA


The Jazz Course, now in its 32nd  year, is taking things to a new level—we’re going to the place where jazz was born! In addition to the usual offering of the essential principles of using Orff Schulwerk to make jazz accessible for kids of all ages—the theory and practice of games, speech, beginning jazz for Orff ensemble, blues, jazz standards, jazz compositions—this course will deepen the experience in the following ways: 

  • Field trips to historic sites, evening visits to jazz clubs, presentations by local New Orleans musicians.
  • 10 days of study instead of the usual 5. 
  • Assistance and demonstrations from band members of Doug Goodkin & the Pentatonics
  • Daily classes on the history of jazz
  • Guest artists from the New Orleans jazz community.

More information about housing forthcoming.

Required Materials:

  • Now’s the Time: Teaching Jazz to All Ages: Doug Goodkin (Pentatonic Press)
  • All Blues: Jazz for the Orff Ensemble: Doug Goodkin (Pentatonic Press)

Suggested Materials:

  • Step It Down: Bessie Jones & Bess Lomax Hawes
  • Boom Chick a Boom (CD): Doug Goodkin & the Pentatonics

Cost : $1,195.00 (no credit) $1,415.00 (2 Continuing Education Credits)

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