July 26-30,  2021

This course creates an exciting collaboration between new and experienced music, dance and classroom teachers. It provides a foundation in the Orff Schulwerk and offers new insights into bringing music and dance into the daily life of children.
Participants will:

  • Experience the Orff approach through the shared elements of music, dance and language.
  • Rediscover the connection between musicians and dancers,
  • Create new ways of integrating music and dance into the science, math, ESL, and language curriculum.

Research will provide a theoretical foundation, while model lessons and videos of children’s classes will give practical applications. The course will be of equal value to those seeking an introduction to Orff Schulwerk and those looking to enlarge their understanding of Carl Orff’s visionary idea: “The place where it (the Schulwerk) can be most effective and where its connections with other subjects can be explored, developed and fully exploited…is the school.”

Suggested Materials
Children’s poetry or nursery rhyme book; journal.

Location : This year’s Intro Course will be held at The Hidden Valley Music Seminar site. You must make particular arrangements through Hidden Valley directly. Meals are included in housing fees and are required for all students. To arrange housing, call (831)659-3115 or email

Orff Schulwerk : Introduction and Applications for the Classroom (EDUX 9330)

Instructor : Janet Greene

Dates : July 26-30, 2021

Times : 9:00am – 4:00pm

Cost : $650.00 (no credit); $760.00 (2 continuing education credits)

Location : Hidden Valley Music Seminars, Carmel Valley, California

To register please click HERE