(All Courses are listed in Pacific Standard Time)

Jazz History For All
Doug Goodkin, Instructor

●  Dates: Part I: (6) Mondays, September 14-October 19
Part II: (6) Mondays, October 26- November 30
●  Time: 7:00pm-9:00pm, PST
●  Cost: $195.00 per (6) week session or $350.00 for entire (12) week session
●  Credit Available – see below for more information and additional costs

Description: “Jazz is what America could be if it ever became itself” said Wynton Marsalis, yet so few know its remarkable, revealing and uplifting history. This class will cover the first 100 years of jazz, from Scott Joplin’s birth to John Coltrane’s death. Based on the class Doug has taught to 8th grade for over 30 years, this extensive survey will examine this rich history through recordings, videos, biographies, activities, lecture and guest artists from the jazz community. We will look at the West African and African-American roots, the Blues, Ragtime, New Orleans Trad Jazz, Swing, Be-bop, Cool and other styles, following the line of its evolutionary development, revealing the distinct musical qualities of each style and exploring the cultural background. Of special relevance in these days of Black Lives Matter, we will learn the untold stories that reveal both the constant presence of systemic racism and jazz’s contribution to resistance and healing. 

This course will give concrete activities and models for teachers to pass on to their students of all ages, but is equally open to and valuable for anybody who wants to enter these stories far beyond technical terms and mere facts. This will change the way you hear the music, understand the music and think about this extraordinary contribution that defines the best (and worst) of American culture. Come with open ears and an open mind and leave with both the music and stories that will change your life. 

Recorder Time Travel
Annette Bauer & Eloi Fuguet, Instructors

●  Dates: (2) Sundays, November 22 & 29 (POSTPONED TBA)
●  Times: 10:00am-12:00pm, PST
●  Cost: $80.00 (USD)

Description: Through games, music, images and dances of the time we will take a journey through the entire history of the instrument, from the Middle Ages to the present day. A course to deepen the historical, technical and artistic knowledge of the recorder. 

Hands-On Rhythm Through Melody
Estevão Marquez, Instructor

●  Date: Sunday, December 6
●  Times: 10:00am-12:00pm, PST
●  Cost: $40.00 (USD)

Description: A creative process with body percussion. A way to transform the melodies of the songs into rhythmic arrangements with body sounds. 
An artistic path to explore: techniques, movement, repertoire, children’s songs from different countries, traditional songs from different cultures, timbres, musical dialogue in a collaborative process.

Elemental Music and the Moving Picture
James Harding, Instructor

 ●  Dates: (6) Tuesdays, January 5- February 9, 20201
●  Times: 7:00pm-8:30pm, PST
●  Cost: $175.00 (USD)

Description: Carl Orff was born in 1895, the same year the Lumiere brothers invented the movie camera. This course is an opportunity to explore the potential of movie/music projects ranging from animation to film scoring. Projects developed with upper elementary and Middle School students at the San Francisco School will be the jumping off points for our own individual and collaborative creative work. Apps we will use: imovie, flip a clip, stop motion and padlet. 

The Günther School: Laying the Foundation of Orff-Schulwerk
Christa Coogan, Instructor

●  Date: Sunday, January 24, 20201
●  Times: 10:00am-12:00pm, PST
●  Cost: $40.00 (USD)

Description: The original concept for the Orff-Schulwerk model of music and movement education was developed at a Gymnastik School in Munich, Germany beginning in the 1920’s. I will share the historical and cultural context of this time in central Europe and take a special look at the broadening dialogue between music and dance. 

SFIOC Alumni Forums and Social Time
Saturday, September 12, 2020
8:00am PST

An online meeting with The San Francisco International Orff Schulwerk Course Faculty. Please join us to say hello and stay connected! If you’re an alumni and you’d like to be invited to the zoom call, please email Also, look for more information on the San Francisco International Orff Course Facebook Page.

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