Jazz History For All: Be-bop and Beyond
– Doug Goodkin, Instructor

●  Dates: (6) Mondays, February 1- March 8, 2021
●  Time: 6:30pm-8:30pm, PST (Those in unworkable time zones can participate through recordings.)
●  Cost: $150.00 per (6) week session

Monk, Miles, Mingus, Milt. Bird, Bud, Brubeck. Sarah and Sonny, Dizzy and Dearie. The fact that today’s Americans might not know these American geniuses or their music, that schools will not tell our children about them, is part of so much that is wrong that could be set right. This course hopes to contribute by introducing these extraordinary artists in ways that will both feed your admiration and make you feel their humanity.

Drawing from over four decades of making complex music and ideas accessible to young children, this class has something for the music teacher, beginning jazz fan and experienced jazz musician alike. We will examine this rich history of Be-bop and Beyond in the 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s through recordings, videos, biographies, activities, lecture and guest artists from the jazz community (including T.S. Monk and Regina Carter!). If you’re a teacher, we’ll look at ways in which to present this music to your students and hear examples of kids’ responses. We will also take a close look at the culture context of each period of jazz evolution, reveal the constant presence of systemic racism and understand jazz’s contribution to resistance and healing. Come with open ears and an open mind and leave with both the music and the stories that will change your life. 

Orff Schulwerk For All Ages: A Benefit Workshop for the Orff Forum
– Doug Goodkin, Instructor

●  Dates and Times: Feb. 12, 2021—7:00-9:00 pm Pacific Standard Time
  (This workshop for folks in the Eastern Hemisphere, where it would be Feb. 13)
Feb. 13, 2021—9:00-11:00 am Pacific Standard Time (Western Hemisphere)
PLEASE NOTE: This is the same workshop given twice, once for each hemisphere.

●  Purpose: In the light of the Orff Forum’s recent challenges of trying to continue their work without the usual sources of funding, Doug Goodkin is offering a benefit workshop as a fundraiser. (Note: the Orff Forum neither solicited nor organized this event—the idea and follow-through came from Doug as a way to offer something useful to the Forum community while also helping to raise money.)

●  Cost: Choose either the $25 or $50 suggested donation. All proceeds go to support the Orff Forum. 

The Schulwerk is for all people of all ages. Yet Orff teachers need to learn how to adapt similar material to the developmental needs of all age groups. Based on 45 years of teaching children from 3 to 12 years old, a lifetime of training teachers of all ages and recent work with elders, Doug will give some guidelines as to how any piece of material can be made simpler or more complex keeping musicality and artistry at the forefront. This is a unique opportunity to come together with your colleagues world-wide, develop yourself further as a teacher and help support an organization that has done much to promote and sustain Orff Schulwerk worldwide.

Recorder Time Travel
– Annette Bauer & Eloi Fuguet, Instructors

●  Dates: (2) Sundays, November 22 & 29 (POSTPONED TBA)
●  Times: 10:00am-12:00pm, PST
●  Cost: $80.00 (USD)

Description: Through games, music, images and dances of the time we will take a journey through the entire history of the instrument, from the Middle Ages to the present day. A course to deepen the historical, technical and artistic knowledge of the recorder. 

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